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Out with the old!

Recently I have been in an inescapable rut with my artwork. One thing I have learned over the past three years is that when it comes to personal organisation along with time management, well, I suck.

I find it hard to juggle personal goals with academic ones, which is something I'm glad I have learned about myself at a younger age so I can avoid or at least tackle them better in future.

One of the many causalities of this has been my art skills and namely my desktop, which in one word is well...

My disorganised desktop


One big problem I have is procrastination. I procrastinate with everything. 'I'll finish that picture after in a minute' or 'I'll clean my room in an hour' and of course every time I do this I feel bad for it later.

The worst part about this is that its spreading to hobbies. I have games that I haven't finished due to procrastination which isn't great to say the least!

Recently I have decided to try and discipline myself a little better. So instead of feeling bad for not doing anything, i've been trying to find ways to make myself do things without resorting to lame excuses.

This is kind of harder than anticipated.

I've been looking into ways to achieve this and it comes down to one thing I lack in a home environment, a routine and of course the willingness to stick with it. So that's what I'm working on doing. I have clear goals but I never put in the time to consider how I will achieve them. Which is what I'm going to start doing now.

In fact I started by having a quick go at painting something from a reference and so far I'm liking how its going!

Now all I have to do is try to keep it up!

(*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑

Tiger WIP

Reference image by MoonsongWolf on Deviant art.

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